“The scene works insanely well. It’s a really good, well thought out system and comfortable to work with. We give it 5 out of 5”

Højby Friskole and SFO near Odense bought an 18m2 Nivtec stage with an extra wide staircase (2 m) and transport trolleys in the spring of 2020.
“I have nothing but praise. The stage works insanely well. It’s easy to set up – and if you have two people, you can set up quite a lot of stage in a short time, and when it’s not in use, it takes up a lot less space than our old stage because it’s on carts. They’re very good. I’m glad we didn’t skimp on that,” says Peter Isak, janitor at Højby Friskole in Odense.

In the past, the school built its own stage.
“With beer crates, which we then put waterproof plywood sheets over and screwed in place, and then we had a 25 cm high stage. We’ve had that for the 20 years I’ve been here, but it took a lot of time to unscrew and screw on, and it took up twice as much storage space as the new stage,” says Peter Isak.

nivtec Platform Trolley Large loaded

Strict requirements from fire and emergency services

The fact that the Nivtec stage is certified up to 2.4 as both stage and grandstand also made a difference when Højby Friskole chose the stage, even though they don’t plan to build very tall stages.

“It’s as if all the people from the Fire and Rescue Service who check scenes have become much more strict. They’re cracking down on the tiniest things, so it’s good that we have paperwork to prove that everything is in order – also because of the fire hazard. Now we can sit back and say that we’re trouble free,” explains Peter Isak.

Due to corona, the stage hasn’t been used much yet.
“We will use it for the most important day of the year – the school’s big Christmas tree party with Christmas plays, Lucia procession etc. with 600-700 people and for events in the after-school program and when a class has made a play and many other things. The stage is so easy to work with that we will use it much more than the old one,” says Peter Isak.

He has no suggestions for improvements.
“I haven’t discovered anything that I think could be done better. However, we can’t do it in quite the same time as the two builders who set up the scene in the video – we take 1-2 minutes more,” he says with a smile.

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