Mobile stage 20 m2 (5 x 4 m)

Can also be set up as 15 m2

  • Built as year-round certified mobile stages
  • Complete incl. adjustable stairs, black railing, mesh sides, stage dress, all-season tires, etc.
  • Can be put up by one person (with Al-Ko winch).
  • Plenty of optional extra equipment.
  • Can be towed by many cars (trailer license).

PRICE: Complete stage incl. galvanization – 195.923 DKK

The price is ex. VAT and delivery.


Mobilscene info
Photos and facts about the
different mobile stages.

Color charts
Choose from different colors for the roof and stage dress.

20 m2 mobile stage.

Complete mobile stage
we deliver all this as standard

  • Built like the big certified mobile stages
  • Galvanization
  • New practical leg model
  • Powerful 3-ton Simol legs
  • Semi-automatic setup with a controller
  • Black safety railing – height 110 cm
  • Good height-adjustable staircase with fixed handrail
  • ‘Easy drop’ safety sides
  • Beautiful stage dress in fire-retardant PVC
  • Roof truss – high load bearing capacity
  • Al-Ko Sling connector
  • M & S brand all-season tires

Popular extra equipment

You can build stages in all sizes and heights with our stage platforms. It's a bit like Lego blocks.


Approved by the Danish Technological Institute.

You can build stages in all sizes and heights with our stage platforms. It's a bit like Lego blocks.


Both for parked and mounted mobile stage.

You can build stages in all sizes and heights with our stage platforms. It's a bit like Lego blocks.


For technical equipment or wheelchair accessible.

Can be set up by one person

The 20 m2 mobile stage comes with an Al-Ko winch, which allows the mobile stage to be set up by one person. The winch is used to roll the sides in and out and the roof up and down.

It takes away a lot of the heavy work of mobile stages. There’s no heavy lifting of the stage floor.

In fact, the staircase is now the only thing that one person can struggle to install alone (it’s 1m wide due to legal requirements).

the quick flat roof

The 20 m2 mobile stage comes with a flat roof, which is by far the easiest and fastest model to set up.

The roof is lower at the back of the stage to allow water to run off when it rains.

You can hang 300 kg from the ceiling

You can hang up to 300 kg in the roof trusses of the 20 m2 mobile stage, evenly distributed. This makes it possible to hang
lamps etc.

Get 2 sizes in one mobile stage!

2/3 setup

Our mobile stages can also be set up in a smaller 2/3 setup.

Here it’s a 36 m2 mobile stage set up 2/3 up, so it’s 24 m2. A 12 m2 can also be set up as an 8 m2.
It provides a more intimate stage for smaller concerts and when the mayor is giving a speech.

With a 2/3 setup, only one side of the mobile stage and the roof are set up, so it’s also a quick and easy solution. And the heavy-duty jack legs ensure that the mobile stage remains stable and secure.

We have had 2/3 of the setup certified and approved by the Danish Technological Institute.

Full setup

Here’s the same 36 m2 mobile stage that’s on a festival job with full setup.

Here the roof is at a height of 5.1 meters and the stage is 6 x 6 meters.

And the PA wings with a certified load capacity of 500 kg on each side are also set up for line arrays.

It’s the classic setup of a 36 m2 mobile stage.

We have also had it certified and approved for year-round use by the Danish Technological Institute (just like our mobile stages in other sizes).


Our 12 and 20 m2 mobile stages have a slightly lower stage floor than the large mobile stages – it is between 80 and 90 cm high.

Due to the height of the stage floor and size of the roof, they don’t need to be certified like our large mobile stages, but they are basically built on the same principles. With the same sturdy and approved staircase and 110 cm high safety railing.

There is sometimes a little uncertainty in the municipalities about the rules, but we have prepared papers from the Danish Technological Institute that you can submit as documentation.


Car and driver requirements

Our 20 m2 mobile stages are built with a maximum permitted total weight of 1800 kg and can be driven with a regular trailer driver’s license.

But the “empty weight” (without loose equipment and the powerful jack legs) is only about 1450 kg.

So depending on how powerful a car you tow the mobile stage with, you can choose to keep all or some of the loose equipment in the car, or have it all strapped to the mobile stage.

  • Measurements as a trailer:
  • L: 6.6 x W: 2.3 x H: 2.9 m

About Stagesale

We have been selling mobile stages throughout Scandinavia since 2005, and were the first with certified mobile stages in Denmark in 2015.

The new 2024 models are being developed in collaboration with a German engineering company that specializes in mobile stages and a factory with many years of experience in mobile stage production.

All our mobile stages are custom-built to meet the certifications of the Danish Technological Institute and can only be purchased from us.

We’re bringing a new stage home to Slagelse at the end of January 2024, and it will be set up 2/3 in our large storage tent, so it’s possible to come and see it in all weather conditions – by appointment.