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“We had rented a stage a few times, so we knew what we did NOT want”

When Elværket in Åbyhøj near Aarhus was converted into a culture and community center, the board initially rented a stage for concerts.
“Us volunteers had to help set it up and take it down, and that taught us what kind of stage we did NOT want. We had to crawl around under the rented stage and clamp the podiums together with iron clamps, and that was a real hassle,” says Claus Rønlev from Elværket’s board.

The board was recommended the Nivtec system, and they took a look at Scenesalg.dk’s website.
“There is a really nice video with two men who have set up scenes many times. Today, we’ve set up our Nivtec stage at least 200 times and we can do it as fast as they can. It’s just “click, click, click” and then it’s set up. We are very happy and satisfied with the stage, and even after 200 uses it is still in perfect condition – it can take it,” says Claus Rønlev.

The stage is mainly used for all kinds of concerts, but occasionally Claus and the other volunteers set up a smaller section for speakers who want to get up a little higher.
When the stage is not in use, it’s stored in the basement of Elværket. It is driven up and down with a special elevator, which is why Elværket has chosen the smaller stage podiums of 150×75 cm, because there wasn’t more space.

Ramp for the precious grand piano

Elværket received a grant from Tuborgs Musikfond for the stage, and by the end of 2019, Elværket had also raised enough money for a professional grand piano. They chose a 400 kg Yamaha grand piano, but when it was time to put it on stage for the first time, the volunteers didn’t dare to take the responsibility.

“We got some professional movers for the job, but they knocked the piano down so hard on the keys that it needed a lot of repairs! So we got a quote from Scenesalg for a two-piece ramp with a “hole” in the middle so the piano can be moved up and down. We’ve test-driven it and the ramp is completely concrete solid. It’s professional and secure. There are three of us, so one person keeps an eye on each set of wheels,” Claus explains.

He can’t really think of anything Scenesalg.dk can do better.
“We have always received excellent service and support. Christina is nice and very patient, and I like that I can just call if I have a question or a problem and get competent help. I’ve also stopped by Scenesalg’s showroom and warehouse in Slagelse to pick up a few things along the way, and it feels good to know that I’m dealing with a local company in Slagelse, instead of a big dot.com down in Germany.

Find out more about Elværket Culture and Community Center here:

All photos by John Blæsbjerg – except the one of the podiums on the way down to the basement.


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