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“We are very satisfied with the mobile stage and also with the contact with Scenesalg.dk, and it was great that Claus came to Kalix and did a set-up course for us.”

Scenesalg won the Swedish tender for a 45m2 mobile stage for Kalix Municipality – with an offer that was both the cheapest of all and had “the best price-quality ratio.

“We use the mobile stage for everything from festivals to skiing competitions to celebrating Sweden’s National Day. We mainly use the mobile stage in the summer, but sometimes it’s also set up in the winter. We use the PA wings a couple of times a year when we need a large PA system,” says Olov Helmfors Jonsson, Mobile Stage Manager at Kalix Municipality.

Scenesalg’s mobile stages are all certified and approved for year-round use by the Danish Technological Institute according to the strict Danish 2015 requirements, and although Sweden doesn’t have such strict requirements yet, this was important to Kalix Municipality.
“For us, it’s really good to have the certification behind us. It feels safe and future-proof,” says Olov Helmfors Jonsson.

Good with training

Claus from Scenesalg went to Kalix and did a hands-on course on how the municipality’s employees can set up and take down the mobile stage in the best and fastest way.

“It was a good course. I know, both from my own experience and what I hear from others, that instructors from countries of origin are not always that good – mostly due to language barriers. And I would recommend all municipalities and associations that are going to buy a mobile stage to train a handful of people who can set up the mobile stage, and to have one person who is primarily responsible and has both good knowledge of and interest in setting up mobile stages. This person will also be responsible for training others and creating a safety plan.”

Olov himself is an experienced AV technician who has set up many scenes.
“There are always little things that can be improved depending on what you use the stage for, but we are very satisfied with Scenesalg. All contact has been good and smooth, even when we have had questions and suggestions for updates and possible improvements,” says Olov Helmfors Jonsson.

Olov Helmfors Jonsson, Leisure & Culture Administration, Kalix Municipality, www.kalix.se

Suggestions from Olov and our other customers have been incorporated into the new 2024 model, where we have made many improvements that make the mobile scene safer and faster to work with, as well as more robust and durable.


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