Solid lifting tower for outdoor use outdoor tripod

Stages & stage platforms

Approx. 40% faster to set up


  • No clamps or wedges – podiums hook together
  • No more crawling around under the stage
  • 4 legs for the first podium – all other podiums 1 or 2 legs
  • Approved for 750 kg per m² (7.5 KN/m²)
  • Certified by the Danish Technological Institute & TÜV approved
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Build approved ramps and grandstands from podiums

It only takes 3 minutes to set up a 12 m2 stage – stress-free!

No clamps or wedges and no more crawling around under the stage

We have two systems

Need podiums, legs and handrails NOW?!

We usually have podiums, legs, handrails, ramps, wheels etc. in our warehouse in Slagelse, so they can be shipped or picked up at short notice.
Call us on +45 31 15 77 77.


In 2015, Denmark introduced special rules for tents, stages and stands. This followed an accident where a circus tent blew down during an elephant show.

The special rules mean that stages, mobile stages, grandstands and stage tents above a certain size or height must be certified by the Danish Technological Institute. Or you have to apply for a building permit from the municipality every time you set up. and submit calculations and documentation to get the permit.

The Danish requirements are stricter than the EU standard EN 13814 and the safety margin is also higher.



Our podiums are approved and certified by the Danish Technological Institute both as a stages and stands in all heights up to 2.4 (3.2) m, and for both indoor and outdoor use.

And our mobile stages are certified for year-round use and are custom-built to meet the certification and the additional restrictions from 2019.

January 2024, we got our first rack certified and approved for outdoor use. Hercules 6.5+ is the only fork rack in Denmark that is approved for outdoor use. And we are in the process of approving the large PACQ-1000 giraffe stand.


Special stages

Special sizes

Tailor-made stages with precise goals.

Special surfaces

Acrylic, laminate, wood veneer, etc.

Special shapes

Round, triangular, curved stages.

What do our customers say?


“There’s a really nice video with two men who set up the stage in 3 minutes, and we can do it just as fast as them. It says ‘click, click, click’ and it’s set up. We’re really happy with the stage, even after 200 jobs it’s still in perfect condition.”


Højby Friskole

“The stage works really well – it’s a really well thought-out system and it’s pleasant to work with. And it’s good that there are approvals and certification on everything. Gets a 5 out of 5!”


HK Telte

“We save about 1 hour every time we set up our new 9 x 6 m Nivtec stage. Our old stage had to be clamped together with clamps and was also heavier.”