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“It takes about half an hour to set up our 9x6m2 Nivtec stage, because it has to stand on uneven ground and be aligned with the telescopic feet. With our old stage system, the same size stage took over an hour and a half to set up, and the old stage was also heavier.”

Among other things, HK Telte from Kolding does Oktober Bierfests throughout Scandinavia and for that they use Nivtec podiums, both because they are quick to work with and a good bit lighter than the stage system they had before.

“We notice that we save time with the Nivtec podiums, because the stage is so much easier to set up. It only takes about half an hour to set up a 9x6m Nivtec stage – even if the ground is uneven and we need telescopic feet to align the entire stage.

With the stage system we used before, it took a bit more than an hour and a half to set up the same size stage, because all the podiums had to be clamped together with clamps. And time is important – both when it’s your own hours and when you have to pay others for it,” says Henrik Jensen, owner of HK Telte.

Henrik discovered the Nivtec system at an industry trade fair where was exhibiting.

Certification provides credibility

“The entire ordering and delivery of the stage went really quickly and smoothly, and I can definitely recommend both the Nivtec system and As a party rental company, it is also incredibly important that has had the entire Nivtec system certified and approved by the Danish Technological Institute according to the new 2015 rules for stage constructions that are over 1 meter in height.”

“It’s true that we’re not setting up very tall stages yet, but it’ll happen all of a sudden, so to buy a system that is approved and certified is insuring the future. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to set up a stage over 1 meter without having to apply for a building permit every single time, and for the municipalities that we have as customers, the approval also provides credibility and security,” he says.

Henrik Jensen, owner of HK Telte I/S, Kolding –


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