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“We got a really good stage that both looks great and is easy to handle. Scenesalg.dk had the best offer on price, service and flexibility, and Claus came and taught my people how to set up and take down the stage – that was an invaluable help.”

City Manager in Sønderborg Handel, Jens Bachmann, went online to find mobile stage companies when Sønderborg Handel wanted their first mobile stage.
“I ended up with Scenesalg.dk because they had the best offer – both in terms of price, service and flexibility. Here, I got what I wanted.”

“We are very happy with the stage. It looks great and performs well. From the very beginning, it has been used 1-2 times a week for everything from concerts, theater, and culture night to a rapper’s release party etc. People have also started renting it. Without us having advertised it, it is rented out about once a week. It’s all done by word of mouth.”

On the same day that the mobile stage was certified by the Danish Technological Institute, Claus from Scenesalg.dk was also in Sønderborg to teach four of Jens’ people how to set up and take down the mobile stage.

“It was an invaluable help as neither my crew nor I are stage people and none of us had done it before, but the stage is actually easy to handle and it gets quicker and quicker to set it up and take it down. At first I thought the stage was a bit big, but now I think the size is fine. It fits in well with Rådhustorvet and the other squares in the city.”

Silly to have to apply for planning permission

The mobile stage was one of the first to be approved and certified by Scenesalg.dk in accordance with the new Danish rules for stages, mobile stages and tents, which were introduced in 2015 after an accident with a circus tent. Since 2015, Scenesalg.dk has had all mobile stages custom-built to meet the new certification requirements, and the Danish Technological Institute came to Sønderborg to certify the mobile stage on the frame number. And again five years later to recertify the mobile scene, as Danish certifications are valid for five years at a time.

“I had no idea that there was a certification requirement before I bought the mobile stage, but I’ve never bought a mobile stage before, and it would be silly not to buy an approved stage, because you’d have to apply for a building permit every time you set it up. A mobile stage should be easy to drive out and set up!”

“Overall, I am very satisfied with both the mobile scene and Scenesalg.dk. Everything has gone really well,” says Jens Bachmann.

Jens Bachmann, City Manager for Sønderborg Handel – www.shopisyd.dk


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